Doe Demure belly dance teacher at Skytribe dance studio Leicester
Skytribe Tribal fusion belly dance classes. Attenborough Arts Centre Leicester
Skytribe veil belly dance class at Attenborough Arts Centre Leciester

Belly Dance & Tribal Fusion

Skytribe Dance Studio offers Oriental and Tribal Fusion belly dance classes.

Oriental Belly dance was originally practiced to prepare the body for pregnancy and childbirth, and is known to tone the abdomen and lower back. Learn the sensual flowing and rhythmic bumping hip motions and discover that belly dance uses the whole body- with chest motions, arm positioning and steps.

Tribal Fusion is a modern take on the traditional style of belly dance which takes influence from Cabaret and Tribal styles. A theatrical dance, it incorporates elements of hip-hop, Flamenco, Classical Indian dance and Gothic subculture amongst other things. The style is characterised by smooth flowing movements contrasted with sharp staccato isolations.

Skytribe offers ongoing beginner classes for those new to belly dance which can be joined at any time and an ongoing Tribal Fusion class for those with previous belly dance experience wanting to learn a new style. The Tribal Fusion class includes optional regular performance opportunities at our student showcases. If you have some belly dance experience and aren't sure which class is right for you contact us for information.

All ages, shapes/sizes and fitness levels welcome.

Skytribe dance studio tribal fusion belly dance students

(Skytribe Tribal Fusion belly dance students during the filming of our 'Big Dance' choreography)