Pole Dance

Skytribe dance studio runs beginner pole dancing classes where you can learn how to pose on and move around the pole, plus plenty of fun spins and simple routines as well.

You don't need super strength or prior dance experience to enjoy our classes, but expect to tone up and gain some new sassy moves.

To get the best out of the classes you'll need to wear shorts and a vest and avoid wearing body lotions which can make the poles slippery and hard for everyone to use.

Spaces are limited to ensure that all students get plenty of time on the poles.

All ages, shapes/sizes and fitness levels welcome.

What previous attendees say:

"For the last 6 weeks I've been doing a pole fitness course run by Doe Demure at her Sky Tribe studio, I made it through!
I really enjoyed the challenge and I can really feel the difference in my core strength.
I can now do poses and spins that I couldn't imagine doing at the start of the course," -Emma

"So sad to finish pole dancing! Been an amazing 6 weeks, learnt so much. Will definitely be looking to do it again in the future," -Claudia
Pole dance beginner classes at Skytribe dance studio, Leicester