Hula Hooping

Did you know, the bigger the hoop the easier it is to spin?

Doe Demure teaches beginner and intermediate hula hoop dance courses, so there's something for everyone no matter whether you have a few tricks under your belt already or have never touched a hula hoop.

The beginner course covers all the basics of waist hooping and hoop tricks such as the 'vortex', leg hooping, shoulder hooping and much more. Our course is a fast track to kick start your hoop journey.

The intermediate course will have you linking moves together to create a smooth dance with your hoop, we'll revisit the harder moves to iron out kinks and learn some more fun tricks as well.

Hoop dance is known to tone up the tummy and lower back, improve posture and provides a calorie burning workout.

Class numbers are limited to ensure there is enough space for students to get the most out of the sessions so book early to avoid disappointment. Hoops are provided but students are welcome to bring their own.

All ages, shapes/sizes and fitness levels welcome.

What to wear?

Please wear loose clothing and sports footwear such as trainers to protect the feet. Remember to bring water to drink.

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Doe Demure hula hooping after teaching a workshop at Pineapple Dance studios

The Skytribe hula hoop troupe performing at Nozstock Festival

'The Skytribe' hula hoop troupe performing at a very muddy Nozstock Festival