Skytribe dance studio was opened by performer Doe Demure in September 2015 as a place for adults to learn and create, regardless of whether they're a trained dancer fresh out of University or they never stepped foot in a dance class before.

The premises in Leicester had previously been used as a dance school but evidently not for some time. Although the studio was fitted with mirrors, some of these were cracked, the floor was dull and splintered, there was damp around the windows, and some fairly severe patches on the ceilings. Doe took the keys in August 2015, scrubbed the place clean and treated the damp. Her Chicas Locas Burlesque dancers (also known as the 'cleaning fairies') came in to help mop and polish the place up.

Skytribe dance studio cleaning fairies!

Doe freshened the walls up with a coat of paint; fixtures and fittings, door handles, leaky loos and all manner of DIY jobs were sorted with the help of family. Floor specialists were called in to sand and varnish wooden floors and glass merchants to cut and fit new mirrors to replace the broken ones.

In September 2015, the studio was ready for dancing!

Before the studio was renovated


You can find out more about Doe Demure on her website at

Doe Demure posing with a snake at bodyline studio

(Skytribe founder: Doe Demure)